About Kassandra Renard


Kassandra has always had a passion and love for all things beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Interiors have always mattered to her, and she has always been affected by her surrounding environment and the effects of good and bad design, with a strong belief that spaces should help us become our best selves. One of the many things Kassandra loves about design is the ability to create what environments look and feel like as well as the ability to maximize the functionality of a space and improve the user’s overall experience within the space.

Kassandra holds a Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture from Endicott College. Following graduation, she took time to feed her passion for travel, gathering inspiration from faraway places and incorporating those discoveries into her designs. Kassandra has the ability to curate a space with objects that tell a story and add emotion and interest, while at the same time maintaining a sense of simplicity and functionality. She pairs her love of art history and design with her passion and enthusiasm for creating functional, timeless spaces.